Need a bit of help getting DNS setup to work with Hetzner server

Hi support crew!


Yes, DNS… I know just enough to get myself into trouble :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I have a server with Hetzner for and would like to route all of the web page requests to the new Netlify account that I’ve just set up (leaving emails, etc. on the Hetzner server).

I’ve got it half working – the url goes to the Netlify account, but the Primary Domain of is still going to the Hetzner box.

Any pointers would be absolutely greatly appreciated!

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Hi @ZermattChris! Are you looking to use Netlify DNS or external DNS? I see that you have records set up for both, which might be part of your problem. This support guide talks about the difference between the two:

Excellent reply - will see how I get on with it. Many thanks! :star:

Hi again,

I’ve removed the two Netlify DNS entries.

I’m now getting a Netlify “Site Not Found” error when trying to load both or

Hi there,

If you want to use the custom domain, it will still be connected to your account under the domain tab. Whether or not you want to use Netlify DNS or external DNS is up to you, but the first step is to connect the custom domain and then you can proceed with the instructions in the support guide I linked. Here’s a link to our documentation on custom domains:

Let me know if you have questions!

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Thanks again for the help.

I’ve gone and added the apex domain back to the Netlify “Production Domains” and all works now. I’m probably a bit dim, but it seems that this is what I started with… chuckle.

Now just need to set up an SSL cert.