Navigate from login page to admin (in my react app) doesn't work

I deployed react app on the URL. In this app after the user logged in, the dashboard page should appear. But instead of it, a blank page appears.

Hey there, @zahra :wave:

Thanks so much for reach out! Sorry to hear you have encountered some obstacles. Can you please share your project repository as well as your latest deploy log? This should help us look into your situation further.

Thanks so much!

Hey @hillary.
Thank you for your support.

I work with Chart js in my project. I just figure out that when I remove the chart component from my app, it works. how to fix that? I need to use chart js.

This link is my project repository and the latest deploy log:

6:49:26 AM: Creating deploy upload records
6:51:37 AM: Starting post processing
6:51:37 AM: Post processing - HTML
6:51:37 AM: Post processing - header rules
6:51:38 AM: Post processing - redirect rules
6:51:38 AM: Post processing done
6:51:41 AM: Site is live :sparkles:

Hey @zahra

This is what I see after logging in

Hey @coelmay
Yes. I remove the Chart component to test if it works and figured out my routing wasn’t a problem. And the main problem is using chart js in my app. And now I need help to solve this problem. How use Chart js and react-chartjs-2 in react app and deploy it to Netlify?

This is beyond my knowledge.

This is an issue with your code it appears and likely beyond Netlify’s scope of support.

But it works locally.

When you say it works locally, are you running npm run serve, or are you running npm run build then testing the completed build using something like serve?

If you are doing the former, can you try the latter.

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I run npm run build and then drag the build folder to Netlify. This app was developed by React Typescript and hasn’t a backend part. Just for 2 of the charts, I used the faker-js package API.

Have you tested the build locally (using serve as previously suggested) before deploying to Netlify via drag and drop?

I didn’t know that.
You’re right, it doesn’t work. thank you.

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