My sites are both down and I'm getting grief from my clients!

I have two sites listed under my own custom domains of

both are currently down.

I’ve recently joined Netlify, created all the DNS records, pointing the nameservers to Netlify, everything by the book, but they are both down.

The message I’m getting is “There’s a Netlify DNS zone for this domain, but no DNS records associated with it. Please contact support for setting up DNS records.”

Can someone help?

Got this fixed for you, but in future, please don’t delete the DNS records that you’re unsure about.

thanks, which one’s did I delete?

The ones marked as type NETLIFY.

I got a pop up saying to delete those records when I was adding the SSL certificate.

That doesn’t sound normal. Any chance you got a screenshot of that?

Afraid not, but I will more than likely add another site today/tomorrow so if it pops up again when adding it I’ll make sure I get the screenshot for you.

and thanks very much for getting them back online, ya saved my bacon!

I have a similar problem for, I mistakenly deleted the NETLIFY DNS records. I would be grateful if you could help with this problem.

It’s done from our end.