My site is stuck deploying

I have tried to deploy my site however it gets stuck here and won’t continue deploying. i have attached a picture of the build log. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong or how i should go about fixing this.

@briana.p It’s not that it’s stuck deploying, it’s that you’ve accidentally run the development server (npm run dev) within Netlify’s build.

It’s not how you serve sites on Netlify, you don’t need to run your own server.

Ensure your Build command is set to execute your build script to produce static output.

In your case you likely want CI= npm run build

Note: The CI= will disable the default behavior of causing the build to fail when a warning is thrown.

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Thank you so much!
i am new to netlify, that was so helpful

Glad to hear nathan’s solutions could be of help! (: