My netlify site gets through filters but sub-sites do not

I have three sites on one account.

1 is my first site I made which is the same domain as my netlify account.

  1. is another site on this same taiwamaker account at

  2. is another site on same taiwamaker account

The problem I have is that site number one ( will get through my school web filter. I am a teacher and my schools use i-filter to manage access for students on the internet. will be accessible by the students but my other two sites are not accessible.

I suspect it has something to do with taiwamaker site being the same name as my account. It is a very troubling situation because I need to make the other sites available to the students. This strongly tempts me to create another account at in order to test my hypothesis.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening or how I can resolve the issue?

Hi, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately creating another account is against our terms of service. I’m curious for site 2 and 3 how is it configured. Are there differences between those sites and site 1.