Problem with netlify dns

“Another site is already using this domain” error trying to set custom domain “” on site “annabrabant”

i spent an hour or two on this the other day, thought i sent an email, now im here again

im going to take a break and give it another go shortly,
if i get it to work ill post my findings here

Hi @wommy! Welcome to netlify community.

There was a DNS zone set up for the “” domain under a different account. The DNS wasn’t attached to any site, so I deleted it from that other account. You should be able to use it on yours now!

I did the steps, just waiting for them to kick in.

btw this email didn’t go to my priority inbox so I didn’t see it. the whole forum thing took so many extra steps. if you guys are just manually reviewing all these cases, I don’t see why we gotta post on a forum

Hi, @wommy, thanks for the follow-up. The purpose of the community forum support is so that solutions will be public and, therefore, searchable via search engine.

Our hope is that people with questions will be able to find many answers by searching and, in some cases, that people on community can help each other to resolve issues without any assistance from our support team. (This does happen often and is wonderful to see.)