MX records for subdomains

I have set up mx records for my domain, which works just fine, but adding a wildcard for subdomains does not seem to have any effect (a new mx record with name * How should I proceed?

@stianko, Netlify DNS doesn’t support wildcard MX records. If you have MX records required for subdomains, they would need to be added individually.

It looks like you moved this domain off of Netlify DNS already (as it isn’t using our DNS service at this time).

If there are other questions about this, however, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.

Thanks for the reply!
Is this something that’s planned in the future?

Hi, @stianko there isn’t a feature request open for this currently. I would be happy to create one if you want me to. Should I do so?

DNS isn’t our core service so feature requests for Netlify DNS won’t get the same kind of attention as other feature requests. (Just trying to set expectations in advance about the likelihood of a quick turn around on the feature request. If it does get added, it likely won’t be soon.)