Account is locked

Hi Support Team,

Please unlock the account. Payment has been completed.
account associated -

@SamO , Please help with this issue

@Titus_Roby_Kariyampa You may already be aware, but it’s currently approx 12.30am where Netlify’s HQ is.

If there needs to be some manual intervention by the main team it may not occur until their business hours.

Please excuse me if I come across as impolite. The payment was completed two days ago, so at this point, it shouldn’t be an issue. The account should have been unlocked immediately after the payment was processed.

can someone from Netlify help here ??

Hi Netlify Team
Account is restored, But our DNS Records are wiped. Could someone help us to restore this ?

I am unable to add the RECORDS manually as well. This is a bit frustrating to say the least. Neither its been added by Netlify nor I am able to add it manually.

Thanks for writing in. I will follow up on the thread below.