Mixed Content Error

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  • site name. Example: (https://master--moviedump.netlify.app/)

Deploy says that there is no mixed content on the site – Screenshot 1

but when I visit the site it does not load all the data and it throws a mixed content error

@Pratix It’s highly likely that the Netlify scan is checking references in HTML files and doesn’t read JavaScript files looking for URLs that may be referenced at runtime.

Your HTML doesn’t have any references to non-https:

The URL to omdbapi.com is in your runtime JavaScript in


okay. That answers the first confusion. Can you please help how to fix this error?

Since the site omdbapi.com does have https (as confirmed by visiting https://omdbapi.com/), all you should need to do is change the baseURL in the code to "https://www.omdbapi.com/".

Thank you Nathan. I had baseURL with https only but don’t know how it became http when I run build. Anyways It works fine now .