Deploy failed with Pulling Content Failed message

I need advice to debug deploy

in the logs ^ it says there is an “unacceptable kind of an object to dump [object Undefined]”. How do I track this down?

@crewshin, welcome to our Netlify community site.

Is there an API key required and, if so, it is set correctly under environment variables here?

It looks to me that it is set correctly there.

Does this issue happen locally to or only on Netlify?

Yes it’s set. I will also mention this setup was working great for me initially. Then all of a sudden something changed.

I haven’t tried locally as it was setup through StackBit. Still learning how all this works to be honest. I kind of feel like one of my page/project updates is what hosed it. Maybe some malformed data in a text field? I dunno.

Yup, I can confirm that is not an error that Netlify generates, but your code and/or remote service. We definitely recommend getting things working locally and increasing your debugging logging to track things down.

Will do. Thanks for the tips.

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