Insecure Mixed Content

I am very much green when it comes to netlify. I am also using hugo which I am just as green on. I have figured out the basics but I am getting a warning about insecure mixed content. My homepage is https but when you click to read a post it redirects to http. I have no idea how to fix it. Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated.

Can you provide more information? What is the URL and/or domain name, for example?

Is the http link hard-coded into your link? … yesterday I had the lock on the web address bar … now it says not secure. I renewed the certificate but not sure what to do.

Your internal links are to http, not https. This could be the reason for the mixed-content warning you’re seeing. It does explain why your links take you to the http version – that’s what you’ve specified in your code.

You can avoid this issue by not using full URLs internally. Instead of, for example, you can just use /post.

Ok … I found it … a true Noob mistake … My BaseURL was http: … i changed it to https: and now all is right.


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