Alert: Insecure mixed content detected in merry-blancmange-f36ff7

Tonight I received an email with the above subject. When I looked at my error log on line 70 it was pointing to my image file with the following message: “insecure img urls: -”. In my code I have the following: "featured_image: ‘/images/epghoa-main-gate.jpg’, which does NOT include the so I do not know where that is coming from. Either Hugo or Netlify is putting in there.

How can that be changed so the error message is not generated again?



I’d suspect it’s Hugo, if you have baseURL set in your config.

In the config.yaml the baseurl was set at HTTP so I have now added “S” to it. When I did a search of my files it did not detect the "HTTP ", I guess because it had a “:” instead of a space after it.

Hopefully that will correct the problem.

Thanks for the quick response.


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