Migrating from Bluehost to Netlify

I’m considering migrating my site from Bluehost because I’m no longer impressed with its customer service, and there happens to be an unfixable issue with my site. This happened shortly after I renewed my hosting.

I’ve contacted them over an issue on my site where it no longer responds to changes I’ve made to its files. As the issue occurred on more than one machine/device, it’s definitely not browser cache. The support agents never did what I wanted. Instead, one destroyed the .htaccess file with everything to speed up my site. As a result, that could very well have damaged its SEO.

So now I’m thinking about the move to Netlify, but I feel like my work and products are far too established for me to safely do anything. I have two subdomains containing WordPress sites that I may have to forfeit before migration. And here’s what I’m currently paying for:

  • Basic Web Hosting
  • Domain privacy and protection
  • Domain itself
  • Dedicated IP

So if I migrated my site to Netlify under the Starter plan, what would I be allowed to keep? What would disappear? Which of the above would I still need to pay for? Then if I couldn’t keep the subdomains, could I roll all the WordPress content and MySQL databases into the same site?

Advice would be appreciated!

@jonkantner Welcome to the Netlify community.

Netlify serves static JAMStack sites. It does not run WordPress, provide an e-mail server, etc. It serves only “pre-rendered” files that can be pushed to its global CDN, including HTML, CSS, JS, images, etc.

You can find out more about the JAMStack approach here:


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i went from bluehost to siteground now moving my wp site to linode,
after I get my NetlifyCMS blog set up on my WP subdomain.
Those wp hosts really have the wp community snookered.

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Apologies for lateness from being carried away by other important things, but do you know if there’s anything you still pay for under the Starter plan (e.g. domain name, domain privacy)?

hey @jonkantner,

you can see all the specifics here:

If you are on the starter plan, you may incur charges if you:

  • go over the usage limits (for bandwidth, build minutes, and so on)
  • buy a domain through us

but if you stay within those limits, the account is free.