Manual upload Page not found

Hi, i build a dist from vite sample javascript folder. and uploaded it to netifly manully by dragging the files. Its give a page not found.

How do i see what files are uploaded or error logs?

@overnet When you do a “Drag & Drop” deployment there’s no build, so there aren’t full “Error logs”, the files that you supply are what are uploaded to the CDN.

See the following for downloading and checking:

Looks like it is working now, @overnet:

$ curl --compressed -svo /dev/null  2>&1 | egrep '^(<|>)'
> GET / HTTP/2
> Host:
> user-agent: curl/7.88.1
> accept: */*
> accept-encoding: deflate, gzip
< HTTP/2 200
< accept-ranges: bytes
< age: 0
< cache-control: public, max-age=0, must-revalidate
< content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
< date: Tue, 06 Jun 2023 01:28:16 GMT
< etag: "c55af56de854e5aabe7b9022de31bb9e-ssl"
< server: Netlify
< strict-transport-security: max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains; preload
< x-nf-request-id: 01H2753AK6S4GZNZE8P6V4WSQE
< content-length: 447

Please feel free to share the solution use found (if you have the time to do so).