Manual deploy never passes "upload" stage and I'm not getting any logs

First time trying out netlify.

I’m manually uploading the dist folder of my eleventy site. I’ve tried several times to no avail. And I’m not receiving any logging just says “uploading” - for up to an hour, before I cancel it and try again (x3). And the log says “There is no log for this deploy”.

Hey @ucg8j,
Could you please share your Netlify URL so we can see if we’re seeing anything in our server logs for your deploy? Maybe we can find a connection timeout, a status code that’s never returned to you, or some other hint. Thanks!

Hey @jen - sorry I neglected to include this. Here it is:

Hi, @ucg8j, are you using drag and drop deploys method or using the Netlify CLI tool to manually deploy?

If you are using netlify-cli would you please confirm you are using the most recent version? (If not, try upgrading the CLI tool using: npm install netlify-cli -g and then test deploying again.)

If you are using drag and drop, how many files are there under the dist directory tree?