Making Sure Forwarding is Done Correctly (SquareSpace)

Hello folks,

First time on the forum. I mad ethe mistake of purchasing a square space domain and I am trying to forward it on to my Netlify deployment. However, I cannot get the DNS to validate so I can get HTTPS protection.

Here is the Netlify Deployment site:

And here is the DNS setting at Square Space: A (within the domain at the front being the square space domain purchased)

Is this correct? I tried the CNAME solution but It has been 3 days with no DNS validation. I assume I am doing something wrong.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. I have another deployed site (with a different domain provider) and it was not this much of a hassle.


There’s no A record as far as we can see:

dig A +short

dig CNAME +short

There’s nothing returned for the A query. Please contact Squarespace to know how to add the record.

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Folks, still having issues getting my SSL. ITs have almost 72 hours and still ‘Awaiting DNS’ I can access my site without “HTTPS”. I am not sure why it cannot propagate correctly. I cannot change the TTL on Squarespace. What should I do? Everything Squarespace end appears to be working fine if I can access it. Do I need to other other alias to my DNS for Netlify’s checks?

There’s still no A record for your domain. Please contact Squarespace for help setting up the DNS. This is not something we can solve for you.