Lossless compression turned on breaks image galleries

With lossless compression enabled when clicking on a gallery image it opens the image in a new tab instead of just opening the image in a self-contained lightbox on the site. If the lossless compression is disabled the site functions properly. and when clicking on an image it opens in the same tab in a lightbox.

Example (lossless compression enabled): https://derekpalmer.photo/project/370z

I currently build the galleries with the following code: https://www.codepile.net/pile/zQ7O5RQy

This is related to the Fluidbox plugin via jekyll that I’m using. It seems to not like links to images but rather just the path to the local image. Investigating…

Got in contact with the developer of the theme that I’m using. This was a bug with the JS code (related to fluidbox). This is resolved!

@derek-palmer, thank you for following up here to let us know what the resolution was. We do appreciate it and hopefully so will other people that run into a similar issue.

Last but not least, welcome to our Netlify community forum! :slight_smile:

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