Large media images not loading, inaccessible via direct url

Hi, having an issue with images on my site, wonderful-yonath-296aaf

broken images can be seen here, Spring Health

Images are not loading, if I open image in new tab i get this error:
“errorMessage”:"Could not find MIME for Buffer "

I’m seeing my images listed under large media in the large media tab, no previews but i’m not sure if there are supposed to be any. My repo is showing the pointers for the images.

I’ve renamed my images and pushed again, still see broken images and images listed in large media.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi, @JMartinesGH. This is an example URL for a non-working image:

That isn’t an image in Large Media. That is a Function call to a deployed Next.js image function. Also, I’m fairly certain that our Large Media service will be incompatible with this Next.js image function.

If you want to disable Large Media for this site, read the following Support Guide:

If there are other questions about this or if you would like to uninstall the Large Media add-on for this site, please let us know.

Thanks Luke, didn’t realize that the next/image didn’t work with Large Media. I’ve switched to a standard image tag and it was returning a 404 json response.
I did a git lfs push --all origin and that fixed it.


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Thanks for sharing what fixed this, @JMartinesGH! Glad you have a solution :netliconfetti: