Logging in to Netify CMS - email not confirmed on /admin page

Hey, I am trying to edit the blog site I deployed and I’m very unfamiliar with this environment. I searched high and low for a beginners tutorial but nothing helped me with the basics. I have front-end experience that is all hobby and self taught. No job experience.

I got the impression from my searches that I am supposed to edit my site with the /admin page, but when I try to log in, it doesn’t let me use github to login and it gives me this error when I use my netlify login.

Could someone please help frame my understanding of how this is supposed to work?

hi there! things can be confusing at first but i guarantee you will get the hang og things soon.

let’s start with the basics. did you check the email with which you signed up for netlify with and confirm your email? You won’t be able to login and access the /admin page (which is, just to be really clear, part of Netlify CMS, not Netlify)

maybe this post will help understand the difference between the two:

Hey there! Looks like your site is using Netlify Identity/Git Gateway, which means you can change some authentication settings in your Netlify site dashboard.

You can turn on GitHub and other external auth providers as described in the Netlify docs here: https://www.netlify.com/docs/identity/#external-provider-login