Cannot Login to my CMS admin site

I could log in to Content Manager (using netlify CMS) successfully last week.

However, this am when I tried to log in to the same site, Content Manager, using the same user id and password, it failed and prompted “not found”.

Please let me know what may have changed and how to make it work again. Thanks.

maybe @tomrutgers can help?

Try refreshing the Git Gateway token from the Netlify identity settings

Hi All.

I can’t seem to log in to the admin panel on this.
I have tried the following possible solutions without success:

  • Forgot password link (even though email sending is set up and working)
  • Reset password in database (newest version as found [here]
  • Clearing cache inside tmp folder on server
  • Clearing browser cache

None of these have worked. Trying to log in doesn’t even give an error, it just reloads the page.

Any advice would be much, much appreciated!

Hi @Josiane can you share a repo reproducing the issue and the browser network traffic and console logs while trying to login?