I've successfully deployed my Netlify CMS site and can get to the admin page but I can't login

I’ve been able to deploy a test blog from Gatsby, I managed to get the admin page set up and I followed the setup instructions for admin and config.yml, but now when I go to the admin page I can’t login. Am I missing something? Site is linked below.

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Ok so I made a new netlify cms page from a template and it works perfectly, I was able to log in and use my netlify account, but it doesn’t work on the page I added netlify cms to. I can go to the admin page and it says email not confirmed. I’ve sent myself an email, clicked the link and it takes my to my netlify homepage with my usercode in the url, but it doesn’t give me the option to add a password like it did on the template page. So effectively there is no way to login or add a user. Anyone know what I could be missing?

If anyone else faces this problem I fixed it, I had put the plugin in the wrong place, it was my own fault.

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Thanks for sharing, @eamon0989 !

Hey as you have already setup ghost cms on netlify would you please not mind guiding me thru the steps please. I also want to setup ghost cms on netlify but not finidng suitable source or tutorial for it. I would be very highly thankful to you.

Hey @Aditya_Mittal,

If you can share your current progress (a repo), we can guide you from there.