Limiting bandwidth/traffic to netlify on starter tier plan

I am new to netlify . I want to use netlify drop to host game on websites like poki, miniclip and many more . Can netlify handle 2k users at a time when bandwidth is under 100 GB under free plan? What happens when 100 GB is consumed in a month?


I’ll keep my response short so as to remain focused on your questions. Yes – we can most certainly support that user count.

As for the bandwidth: once you exceed the Starter plan limit, we will apply a pack of additional bandwidth. We always aim to serve your site so, rather than ‘cut you off’, we apply the pack. For the Starter plan, once you consume 100GB of bandwidth, it’s $20 for each additional 100GB.

This mentality is the same for build minutes and similar for other metered products (Forms, Functions etc. where we enrol you on to the ‘Level 1’ instance of the product).

You can find more on this on our pricing page!

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As of now , I think netlify starter plan will be sufficient for users . But if bandwidth of 100 GB is exceeded , you’ll automatically apply pack of additional bandwidth , you’ll start charging me automatically ? Can I avoid automatic applying of metered products ?

Hey @Ayu,

That’s correct, they’re enrolled for you in order to ensure that your site is continuously served. You can avoid build minutes charges by not building your site and exceeding the 300 minutes per month limit. For bandwidth, you’d need to take your site offline. You will receive email reminders at 50, 75 and 90% usage. :+1:

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By offline , you mean deleting site completely ? Or is there any means to keep it offline?

You could re-deploy a very ‘streamlined’ version of the site with a blank page and provide an appropriate error code.

Even better, you could add a redirect rule to a _redirects file:
/* /302.html 302!

That would force all traffic from your site to and provide a 302 status code (moved temporarily).

Any sort of DNS invalidation would do the trick too. There’s a lot of options for bringing a site offline!

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Once site is published, there is no button which I press through netlify to stop that website completely for some days . I will have to edit for html file ?

This would lead to consumption of bandwidth too .

Can I do this on netlify , like edit existing DNS or similar?


No – there’s no ‘take my site down’ button, unfortunately! However, we do have a small maintenance mode workflow. Although this would use bandwidth, it’d be minimal – particularly as the simple ~5kb site would be cached.

If you’re using Netlify DNS and a custom domain, sure! You have the power to tinker with these or delete the zone entirely. If you’re using your URL, this won’t be possible. If you’re not using Netlify DNS but you are using a custom domain, you can alter the records at your provider.

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If you’re worried about bandwidth, just put Cloudflare in front of your site to absorb more bandwidth.

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hey there, you might find this interesting:


Ok so I will deploy manually
I will create an index.html with

Our site is down for maintenance Then 1. I will put it under a folder maintenance. Could you be more specific as to how to do 2nd step 2 .drag that folder to your deploy listings on the site you want to put under maintenance. This will publish the maintenance page as a new deploy. Where is deploy listings on site as provided above ![20200708_145952|492x500](upload://2Xx7KsKfaBbTKC9yovn85L3NIzS.jpeg)

I am not that familiar with cloudflare as to how can I do this .

I don’t think I will use cloudflare for netlify so no worries for that .

ayu, are you following the steps outlined here?

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Yes I am trying to follow steps through “To deploy manually” and having problem in 2 step of the procedure out of 3 step procedure.

ok, let me see if i can give you more specific instructions. what is your netlify site name, please?

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Netlify site name -

alright, so, when you log in to your Netlify account, you will see a screen that looks like this:

(I have admin access so I am able to see some things about your account, other people are not.)

You can make a small site on your local machine with just an index.html with a simple message, “we are down for maintenance” or similar, and put it in a folder. then, drag and drop that folder into the drag and drop area you see in your dashboard, and it should update your existing site to show a different page. Does this help?

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It helped. I uploaded html folder with html file having head as "under maintenance ".
This was shown .
When site will go under maintenance in coming days , I will use 302.html .

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