Lighthouse reporting no robots.txt


I am currently going over SEO / performance. This is the first website i have deployed using Netlify.

I have both the Robots.txt and the Sitemap.xml in the root of my project:

The error is coming from the Lighthouse plugin on the deployment:
Blocking Directive Source
x-robots-tag: noindex

Furthermore the file cannot be accessed online:

I have read some stuff about a .toml file, but I do not understand why there are no docs on this?

Both return 404 Not Found.

@Decisive-Development The files don’t exist, so lighthouse is entirely correct.

Why the files don’t exist isn’t a Netlify issue, it’s just a misunderstanding you have with Vite, see:


Thank you for your reply, it appears the folder structure is wrong as you point out in that thread, i’ll rearrange.

Much appreciated