Issue with accessing robots.txt and sitemap.xml files on static website

I am experiencing difficulties accessing the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files on my static website. When I build the website locally, both files are generated, and I can access them without issues using http-server. However, when I deploy the site on Netlify, I receive a 404 Not Found error for both files. I have checked that no conflicting redirects are causing this problem. Why is this happening?

Site name: feature-ssg-export–

Hi, your files should be located at the root level of your site, not in any sub-folder. This means the files should be at /robots.txt and /sitemap.xml on your site.

If you have these files in the correct location and are still facing issues, it could be due to incorrect redirect rules. Is there a redirect rule in your _redirects file or netlify.toml file?