Lighthouse integration not working for SvelteKit apps?

Hello, I have just installed the Lighthouse integration via the Netlify UI and ran a deploy on my site. However it looks like the Lighthouse report fails to run, here are the output logs:

9:02:14 PM: Running Lighthouse on build/
9:02:14 PM: Serving and scanning site from directory build
9:02:20 PM: Lighthouse was unable to reliably load the page you requested. Make sure you are testing the correct URL and that the server is properly responding to all requests. (Status code: 404)

My app is using SvelteKit as the framework - is this not supported with this plugin or is there some additional config I need to do in order to get this running successfully?


Hi @secondl1ght thanks for reaching out to better assist you can you share what site you are seeing this error? Can you confirm to followed the steps in this docs page when enabling lightouse? Lighthouse scores and reports for your deploys | Netlify Docs

The site is - yes I followed those steps. I am on a paid plan so would e-mail support be better for this question?

Hi, yes you’re free to email in at any time but the response time varies. Can you attach a link to your repo