Getting error deploying SvelteKit site to Netlify

Hi there. I’ve been having trouble deploying a SvelteKit project to Netlify and I’m rather stumped. I’ve set up the SvelteKit Netlify adapter as instructed in the docs, but get the following error when the project builds:

The site in question is This has been doubly baffling as I have other Svelte projects with the exact same config that deploy like a dream. If anyone can help me get to the bottom of this it’d be much appreciated.

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Hi @yagayagafred

From the error message (for future reference, text is better than an image) the issue is with the adapter itself which is maintained by svelte. You might best find assistance posting an issue on the relevant repository for the adapter.

Just to confirm, having the same problems here:

> Using @sveltejs/adapter-netlify
error during build:
TypeError: builder.getAppPath is not a function

Let’s take it up to svelte.

Roger that, @coelmay, will use code snippets in future posts. Thanks for the pointer. And sounds like a plan, @ezriharmusial, let’s do it!

Hi, you got any news? Having the same problem.

Have you tried taking up the issue with Svelte @doppiaesse?

The last post on netlify builder seems to fail consistently with missing function · Issue #7284 · sveltejs/kit · GitHub says

Please direct support questions to Discord

I suggest you try that.

It’s not the most satisfying solution but I got around this by making a new skeleton SvelteKit project and wiring that up to deploy immediately. That worked and so I moved the contents of the old site over to the new one and deploys have been fine since. What was going wrong in the original remains a mystery to me.

Thank you for coming back and sharing this interim solution! We will leave this thread open in case any additional forums members can get to the bottom of your initial issue.