Let's Encrypt not renewing my certificate


I’ve added a subdomain (boletin.fisiquimicamente.com) via a CNAME record to my site (fisiquimicamente.netlify.app) but I can’t renew my certificate (I’ve hit the button several times), so I can’t access my subdomain with https, only with http. Is there anything wrong or I just need to wait (more than 24h already).

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey @rodrigoalcarazdelaos

boletin.fisiquimicamente.com doesn’t appear to point to Netlify, rather to Get Ruvue

% dig boletin.fisiquimicamente.com
boletin.fisiquimicamente.com. 3600 IN	CNAME	www.getrevue.co.

I see. I thought that the certificate would apply to any subdomain automatically, but I guess not? So I should install a new certificate? The Revue documentation tells us how to do it with Cloudflare, but I thought the process was equivalent to what we already have with Netlify :thinking:

As mentioned in the SSL Documentation

For all certificate service types, Netlify enables HTTPS for only Netlify-hosted content. If you use Netlify to host content on an apex domain and other hosts for content on subdomains, Netlify cannot enable HTTPS for the subdomains with externally-hosted content.

(emphasis mine)

The way Cloudflare and Netlify work is very different.

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So I just installed a custom certificate using a wildcard domain but I still can’t access my secure subdomain. Does it mean it won’t work even using a custom certificate?

The content isn’t served by Netlify. This certificate, as with the Let’s Encrypt free certificate, only covers content served by Netlify.

The Revue documentation uses Cloudflare because the content is proxied through Cloudflare.

You may need to look at using Cloudflare for DNS in order to achieve what you want. Do note that if you choose this route, you will need to ensure the domain(s) on Netlify are not proxied as outlined in this support guide

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