Renew Certificate not renewing correct subdomains

I’m trying to make a new branch subdomain on my site. Creating the subdomain works just fine with branch deploys, but the SSL certificate fails to renew to support the correct subdomains, even when I click the renew button.
Custom domain:
Subdomain having the issue: (Displays a cloudflare 526 error)
On the SSL page, it says the certificate has the domains,,,, None of these are How can I fix my SSL without provisioning my own wildcard certificate?

Appears (including subdomains) uses Cloudflare DNS and is likely proxied. See the following support guide regarding this

I’ve disabled proxying and now it just fails to open the page.

Okay, renewing the certificate works now. It used to work just fine behind Cloudflare, i’m not sure why it doesn’t anymore.

Thanks for coming back and letting us know you found your solution. Sometimes certs just take time. Glad it worked out.