Let's Encrypt certificate can't be renewed automatically

Netlify site: the-bitter-drop.netlify.app
Domain: www.thebitterdrop.com, thebitterdrop.com

I recently transferred my site from Gatsby Cloud; I’m using an external DNS service — the new DNS records took a while to propagate, and while I got the first Let’s Encrypt certificate with no issues, I nearly immediately got the following error:

I went through the troubleshooting steps, it turned out the www subdomain had a long TTL and didn’t register as served by Netlify until this morning. However, now that both the bare domain and the subdomain are served by Netlify, i still can’t get the certificate to renew — clicking the button does nothing. The docs suggest posting in the Support Forums as the certificate may need to be fixed on Netlify’s side.

Thank you for your time!

It appears to be resolved.

So it does! Uncertain what finally did it, but chalking the delay up to the usual delays with DNS changes. Thank you, and apologies for bothering the Support team when the issue spontaneously resolved itself after a few hours.