Leading www. URL doesn't redirect to primary domain

I deployed a website to https://magnificent-belekoy-c042c8.netlify.app/ recently and configured the DNS nameservers. My primary custom domain is atorcode.com and the Netlify production domains tab claims that www.atorcode.com automatically redirects to my primary domain. However, when I enter it in my address bar or click a link, I get a “Your connection is not private” error. I thought it might be because my SSL certificate doesn’t cover the domain with a leading www. but shouldn’t it just redirect anyway? I’d appreciate some help or guidance resolving this issue. Thank you very much.

Because the SSL certificate does not cover the www subdomain. Have you tried renewing the certificate on the Domain management page under Site settings?

I purchased an SSL certificate from my domain registrar at domain.com. Does that change anything? Would I need to configure it there or on Netlify?

You’ll need to purchase a new certificate (or make changes to the current certificate) as the current certificate does not cover the www subdomain. The certificate needs to cover both the apex and www subdomain.

Once you have a new certificate, you add it like you did the previous.