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Large Media Transforms Don't Work on PNGs

Large media transforms don’t work on PNGs even though the docs say they should.

" Netlify offers dynamic image transformation for all JPEG, PNG, and GIF files you have set to be tracked with Netlify Large Media."

PNG - Doesn’t resize

JPG - Does resize

Hi, welcome to the Netlify community forums. I actually have a site up and running where I use transforms for png images, and they work just fine. Do the PNG files show up in the large media of your Netlify dashboard? There might be something off with the Large Media config. Check out this troubleshooting guide:

Hi, @hecktarzuli, the PNG isn’t being tracked by Large Media (and the JPG is). Only images tracked by Large Media can be transformed.

You can see which images your Git repo is tracking using Git LFS with this command:

git lfs ls-files

Do you see the file listed there? If not, please add it to Git LFS first.

Once that is done (or if it is already listed there) you can force the file’s content to be uploaded to the Large Media instance for this site using this command:

git lfs push --all origin

Sometimes the branch name is required:

git lfs push --all origin master

After this is done a new deploy is required before the image can be resized as the current deploy doesn’t use Large Media for that image.

If there are other questions or if this doesn’t resolve the issue, please let us know.

Thanks to both of you! I set this up a while ago and forgot I only had it setup for JPG :stuck_out_tongue:

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