Using Nuxt Image with Netlify Large Media Transformations


I am using nuxt image with the netlify provider set. I have installed and enabled large media on github for my repo and tracked the files I need to track. However, when the site is deployed the images are not transformed to the sizes I have specified. The output of the tag seems to be correct where it is requesting different sizes for different screen sizes but it still renders the original image.

If you inspect an image on the following site you will be able to see what I mean

I can also see the original images added to the large media section in my netlify account. Although I am not sure if the image transformations should also show here or not?

Can you advise if I am missing something in order to get it working please?

The first image on that page is not hosted in Large Media: web-development-worksop.jpeg (1200×800) (, you can see that’s not listed here: Large Media | hindsitesoftware | Netlify

The other images like this: seo-responsive-web-design.jpg (490×343) ( are getting correctly resized.