404 image error on build


Appearing when i deploy my site to Netlify, i’m getting this error here.

Working fine locally, not sure what the issue may be?

Nuxt Image does not support Netlify as a provider. You need to use Netlify Large Media to get runtime transformation of images: https://image.nuxtjs.org/providers/netlify.

If you absolutely want to use runtime transformations without using Large Media, you will have to implement IPX yourself: @netlify/ipx - npm

… or open a feature request for Nuxt Image to support Netlify.

It’s possible to get this working, but for not a lot if images. You can use this feature: How to Include Files in Netlify Serverless Functions, to include files in the server function that gets generated and it would work. But, AWS has a 50 MB limit for function bundles. So you might not be able to fit many images.