Just bought a domain from Netlify but it's not working. Can someone help?

I just bought a domain from Netlify but it’s not working. Can someone help?

hi eliran, which site is this concerning and what isn’t working?

we need more information in order to help, really.

Hi Perry, thanks for reaching out!
I bought thehardcoded.blog from Netlify, and when I navigate to it I get “Not found”.
Also, I bought hardcoded.blog from GoDaddy and set the Nameservers to the Netlify servers according to instructions, waited for 24h, but still, nothing.

do you get page not found when you try and access your site through the netlify URL (not the custom domain)?

When I use the Netlify URL it works great (https://fervent-booth-f10fb9.netlify.app/)

Hi Perry. Anything?
The hardcoded.blog is still not working…

Hey @eliran.natan,
I see a few issues here. One is that I don’t see hardcoded.blog listed as a custom domain here:

The other is that when I run host hardcoded.blog, I get:

hardcoded.blog has IPv6 address 2604:a880:2:d0::1354:7001

That IPv6 address may be one of ours, but try adding the correct custom domain first and then let’s go from there :slight_smile: is not one of ours, so even if you add the custom domain in the UI, it probably will not work. That IP may be configured at GoDaddy or another service you pointed that domain at in the past? But you will have to delete it in order for us to correctly serve your site.

Let us know if this helps!