`JSONHTTPError: Unprocessable Entity` when deploying

We are using the Netlify Cli to deploy and do a new install every time.

Github action log:

Fix/open graph - use gatsby head · responsible-ai-collaborative/aiid@e2cc5b5 · GitHub

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This started happening last Friday.

I’m not sure if you contacted support via other means, but looks like this thread slipped through the cracks.

Is it resolved for you @cesarvarela?

Yeah, we had an internal discussion about this, but looks like the unanswered tracking got flipped for this one. We also saw an issue on the CLI repo: 422 “No records matched” error when deploying · Issue #6403 · netlify/cli (github.com), but these were the only 2 reports about this issue around the same time. Not sure if either of the reporters is still seeing the same issue, but we could use some reproduction steps if possible. The ones is the issue are not exactly deterministic and are almost subjective.