Jekyll, Staticman, Posts and Images question

Hi everyone. I am looking for some advice or tips.

I am moving my Vue/Firebase site to a Jekyll site hosted here and I am LOVING the possibilities and flexibility.

I have staticman configured to allow posting a post via a form. The only issue I have not been able to find a solution for uploading an image.

Is there a way, or a tutorial that provides the means to upload an image either to the repo to be processed after the build or even link to an external storage system? Could I somehow make a way to upload the image and grab the URL from firebase storage? I would prefer if I can keep things together on my repo but any solutions better than none.

What is out there?

Thank you all!

I know this is not the full scope of what you are asking, but Netlify’s own form handling feature will allow file uploads, and they are stored elsewhere since we have no write permissions to your repo.

A good way to handle an upload yourself in general might be a function ( You can see a ton of examples including posting data to firebase, here: . This would allow you to do things like hide your access tokens to $remote_service (e.g. using something like