Best way to automate image WP media library upload to Netlify

Hi team,
I am trying to figure out if Netlify a product for my company. CDNs are new thing to me as well.

If I understand correctly, if I want to benefit from Netlify CDN capabilities I should upload my static images to Netlify and rewrite the media library (upload) folder path to use URL assigned to my Netlify account. This sound doable once, but how should I automate the process of uploading freshly uploaded images in my WP to Netlify as well?

Please note, Netlify isn’t an image hosting service. It is forbidden under the Acceptable Use Policy (2) to use Netlify Services …solely as a remote storage server…

Netify uses Atomic Deploys. This means uploading a single (extra) image to a site requires a fully rebuild/redeploy of the site.

That’s for you to figure out and well outside the scope of support.