Netlify Image CDN, how can I see the logs? I randomly/inconsistently get 403s for no reason. Will go away after a bunch of reloads

How can I see the Netlify Image CDN logs?

I’m using:

  • NextJS 14
  • headless WordPress for the images.

I randomly get intermittent 403 errors. The page is calling 10 images, and only 1 of the 10 images will randomly fail.

Can I see the logs somewhere?

Here’s an example url

Your URL seems to load. You’d need to provide request details about errors if this issue is intermittent. Usually a HAR file or a x-nf-request-id header helps.

hi @hrishikesh

here is an example x-nf-request-id: 01HZ0RY1Z78JWG1JE62TQN5KKJ

and a screenshot from today.

here is the netlify url of the image

Based on the logs, it simply says that Image CDN itself received a 403 when trying to fetch the image. The original URL seems to be: which is requesting some kind of an authentication. Is this expected?

@schang Do you still want this marked as resolved?

Do you still want this marked as resolved?

@nathanmartin good question.

I guess the simply summary of the question at a high level is: is there a method for users to look up Netlify Image CDN error logs on their own, or is there no way to do that.

If the answer is no, a user cannot look up the Netlify Image CDN error logs themselves (which I’ve always assumed would be the case, BUT I just had to ask just to be sure), then the answer is resolved.

I think based on @hrishikesh 's answer, I’m interpreting as a confirmation that I cannot look up error logs on my own, and that the only way is to ask Netlify support.

Is this expected?

Yes, that is expected. That’s the way the external client’s existing wp is set up.

This is the reason I wanted to look up the error logs myself, as there’s potentially a lot of back and forth.

When I first wrote this post weeks ago, we were not seeing majority of the 403 on the error logs on the WP server end, which was the source of confusion. For the last week, it seems like we are seeing the 403 on the WP server’s end, so it makes sense. It was the lack of access denied in the logs a few weeks ago that confused me about what was happening within the Netlify portion of the call, but for now, I’m unable to recreate it, so I would hope/assume it has resolved itself.

As long as I see the error on the WP server’s end, then I can troubleshoot that myself, so I think it’s resolved.