Jekyll build fails

Something happened after midnight and my jekyll setup won’t build anymore. The error is:

6:19:48 PM: jekyll 3.8.6 | Error:  uninitialized constant Faraday::Error::ClientError
6:19:48 PM: Did you mean?  Faraday::ClientError

I noticed that a new major version for faraday gem was launched today. Did anybody else encounter this one?

I have the same issue and can confirm this.

jekyll 3.8.5 | Error:  uninitialized constant Faraday::Error::ClientError

I rolled back to the last working commit and the problem persists. I don’t know what other information I can provide to fix this or if there is a temporary solution available?

It appears that Faraday::Error::ClientError has been deprecated and moved to Faraday::ClientError . If nothing else, could the netlify team pin the Faraday version to 0.17.3 since the 1.0 version released on Jan 1, 2020 brings this change.

The temporary solution I found is manually editing Gemfile.lock and downgrade faraday version, then commiting the file so Netlify is able to pick it up and successfuly build the site.

Aah okay, did not realize that was possible. Thanks.