Javascript not working

Hi, I am trying to publish my site from my Github repo which has a .html, .css & .js file. While HTML & CSS works fine, my javascript does not work.

You’re going to need to provide more information than that. What is the URL of your site? What’s not working with the JavaScript?

This is my site:

I am building this website using HTML, CSS & javascript - both of which are in the top directory on my github and being referenced in HTML accordingly.

Everything works fine when run locally. But as you’d probably see, the hamburger menu, typewriter text effect, ‘More info’ drop down section & the scroll up button does not work - all of which has a functionality inside the JS.

Access my github here:

Looks like you’re trying to load jQuery over http. Try loading your script over https: You should probably load it before the bootstrap script as well.

@tomrutgers works like a charm! Thanks. Is there any reason why it would work all the same when run locally?

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Usually you don’t have a certificate enabled for your local development server, so the script isn’t marked as a security vulnerability by your browser. If you load scripts from a CDN, always check if it’s loaded through https.

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Got it! Thanks for the help @tomrutgers!

Thank you very much for this information