It started showing the analytical reports wrong

Hello there!

Our web site is which has more than 300 .html pages.

Since February 24, it started showing the analytical reports incorrectly.

It was about 7-8k page views per day. But now it is like 10-15. We checked with Google Analaytics too it is 7-8k views per day.

What is problem here ?

ps: We checked our other websites which is on Netlify, their analaytics repots wrong too.

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As you check bandwith usage it is 10-15gb per day. It is not possible to use 10gb bandwith for 15 single pageviews.

Ekran Resmi 2022-02-28 15.35.17

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I am also seeing inconsistencies in my Netlify Analytics reporting the past few days. Not sure if this is related to recent world events that began on Feb 24th 2022, but that is when my Analytics data started to go wild, like the OP.

I’m seeing 800% spikes in page views which don’t appear to correlate with unique visits or country data.

Is the team aware of any ongoing issues, network attacks (?) or upgrades going on atm?

Thanks as always guys!

hi there, can you share your site name with us, @danurbanowicz ?

We did discover a problem with our analytics service and called an incident yesterday. Here is some more information on that:

i understand that it is frustrating to know that some data (not all, please do check and see if your analytics are correct again now) was lost, but we have pinpointed the source of the error and fixed it. Do let us know if you have any further questions!

Hi Perry,

We are having problem on our all deploys. But especially we need to fix; (more than 300 .html)

Thanks, have a healthy day…

1 Mar 2022 Sal, saat 20:17 tarihinde Perry (they/them or he/him) via Netlify Support Forums <> şunu yazdı:

Thanks @perry for clarifying this! I guess I should’ve checked Netlify Status to see if anything was up.

My analytics data seems fine now! :grinning:

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very glad to hear it!

hi there,

Can you explain in more detail or in a different way what you mean by having problems with your deploys? I need more information in order to be able to respond in a helpful way, thanks!

Hi Perry!

I mean having problems with my all deploys; having analaytics problem on my all deploys

hi there,

thank you. can you tell me the netlify site name or API ID please so I can look at your account? what kinds of analytics issues are you experiencing? wrong data, missing data, or you are not sure? thank you.