Issues with deploys that have auto-publishing turned off

Not a deal-breaker, but I got used to verifying locked deploys.

The two issues I’m experiencing with sites that have automatic deploys locked are:

  • After a build has completed, sometimes publishing a deploy will report success, but after visiting the site and refreshing the deploys tab, it will turn out that the deploy hasn’t actually occurred.
  • Sites with locked deploys will sometimes switch to auto-publishing after deploying the latest build.

The domain I’ve most recently experienced this behaviour is, mapped to


Hiya @some1else and sorry to hear about the trouble!

  • to the first point, I haven’t seen that before and it does sound like a bug. I can’t really tell anything by looking at our internal logs to investigate, with such a broad stroke/filter (for “happens on this site”) - but next time you see it, could you tell me the deploy ID and a timestamp with timezone where the failure happens? With that filter, I may be able to find something out!
  • the second point could be working as designed (though I understand not as expected) - there are some operations - like manually publishing a deploy - that can turn off locked deploys intentionally (by us, though I understand, not intended by you!).