Issue with sending email from external ip

I am using GoDaddy and Netlify, and currently have an issue with sending emails on behalf of an external host. Error is
" host[] said: 550 5.1.1 is not allowed to send from <> per its SPF." Can someone advice what I am doing wrong?

Hi, @anidavtyan. I just wanted to let you know that the Netlify support team can answer questions about Netlify. If you want to make a DNS record and need help making it, we can assist with that if you tell us what record you want to make.

However, we are not your email service so we cannot tell you what record is the correct record. We need you to tell us that. You might ask the technical support of your email service what SPF records you need for their service to work.

Someone else here might also be able to assist with the question of what DNS record to make, so you are welcome to ask this here. I just wanted to be clear that our support team does not that the resources to provide technical support for third-party services. So, while the question is welcome, our support team won’t answer it.

Again, you might find an answer to this question more quickly by asking the technical support for the email service about this. If you do have questions about Netlify though, our support team is always happy to assist.

@anidavtyan That CNAME for your www subdomain pointing at your e-mail host looks wrong to me. I’m surprised your site loads for visitors requesting the www subdomain. It also looks wrong because your e-mail address is not As @Luke says, you should double-check with your e-mail host to make certain you have the correct DNS entries.