SPF record for netlify?


I’m writing with a question for the site focused-mclean-7d4e43 – it is running a nuxt-frontend to a forestry.io website, while the domain itself (arva-oeschinensee.ch) is hosted at an external web host (hostpoint.ch, also used for email server) – now the customer recently had lots of issues with sent emails getting recognized as spam and the mentioned host asked them to add an SPF-record to the DNS zone file. Upon asking what SPF-Record exactly, they were pointing me to ask forward to the Netlify-Support, as there should be a default/generic SPF record to be used for domains that point to Netlify Servers via A-Record.

Is the above hint of the hosting support correct, and if yes what would the correct SPF record be? something along the line below?

v=spf1 redirect=spf.focused-mclean-7d4e43.netlify.app

thanks for the help!

Hi, @mindshaped. Unfortunately, you are asking the wrong people for the answer to this question. The answer to the question “what would the correct SPF record be?” can be answered only by the technical support of your email service.

Netlify isn’t providing the email service for this domain so we don’t know the answer. Netlify servers are not sending emails so our servers don’t need to be included in SPF record. Finally, we don’t provide the DNS service for this domain so you won’t even be making these changes at Netlify.

To summarize, Netlify doesn’t have anything to do with the SPF record. I recommend asking your email service what the required SPF record should be.

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