Issue with accessing app, seeing 404, custom domain from godaddy


When i try to access webapp on, i am receiving 404 as shown in screenshot below.

When i try to access app directly from netlify, i am able to access it:

Nameservers on Godaddy side are updated to reflect suggested values from Netlify.

Only recently (today) i deleted website builder service from Godaddy, in order to reroute netlify app to custom domain, and since i am seeing 404 error, up until that moment i was able to see only website builder deployed app that comes with purchase of new domain.

Thanks in advance! : )

The 404 page you are seeing is not generated by Netlify.

DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate. See [Support Guide] Why do DNS / SSL changes take up to 48 hours to propagate? (TTL)

That said I see Netlify nameservers

$ dig NS	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS

and associated records and have no issue accessing apex or www subdomain. If you are still having issues, try a different browser, device, and/or network, then wait.

Thanks for checking and answering.

It was in the end question of time and waiting.