Custom Domain Name unexpectedly closed connection after 24 hours

Netlify domain;
Custom domain:

Hi, I just bought a custom domain name on GoDaddy. I changed the nameservers to point to netlify and I see the domain in my Netlify account and the SSL certificate has been issued, so everything looks good within my Netlify account, the website says it has been deployed but every time I try open the website from netlify it shows the following error:

It has been over 24 hours so I am wondering if it is something else rather than just DNS propogation?


Hi @amin1,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m able to load up your site no problem. I believe it’s propagation. I see your domain and SSL were configured not even a full 24 hours ago. If you are still experiencing this issue please reach back out in 24 hours.

Thank you.