Issue - Deploy Node.js + Mustache application

Hi everyone

I tried realize the deploy of an application that i used Node.js + Mustache to build. I did the deploy and worked alright but when I access the page returns page not found.

I believe this happen 'cause I’m using the Mustache to render the page elements. I saw another post here saying that we need render the page elements via index.html

Anyone can help me with this issue?

My repo at Github: GitHub - hnascx/nodets-canil

Hi @hnascx :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the Netlify support forums! We’re so glad you’re here. :sparkles:

We can’t quite investigate what’s going on without a a site name/slug. “Page not found” seems to be a common issue so I have a support guide to share with you. [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found”

Can you give this support guide a read and see if it helps you resolve your problem?

@hnascx What you’ve seen by reading other threads is correct.

Netlify don’t provide runtime node.js based hosting.

Pulling and running your project shows that the /dist folder ends up contaning a /dist/server.js file.
That file runs an express server to handle the request/response, executing mustache at request time.

So your options on Netlify would be to:

  1. Re-engineer so that your site builds to static
  2. Re-engineer so that your site builds pages on demand via Serverless Functions
  3. A combination of 1 & 2

Alternatively you could host the project somewhere else that supports the kind of server instance you’re trying to run.