Deployed React + Node app but getting 404 Page Not Found error

Hello! I’m experiencing build problems with going live with my React+Node app. The site is built successfully (see deploy log below); however, when I open the production deploy, I get the 404 Page Not Found error (see image below). As suggested to others facing the same issue, I added the netlify.toml file to my root folder as well as added a _redirects file to my public folder; however, neither have helped. Also, it doesn’t make sense for me to have an index.html file in my root folder.

Below and in subsequent posts (per new user media posting limits), you’ll find screenshots of the error message, the build settings, and deploy log. Let me know if you need any other info! Thank you for your help.

Netlify site name:

You’ve not set a build command, set it to npm run build and change publish directory to build. Also, set base directory to frontend.

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Thank you so much, that worked!

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Hi @hrishikesh, I’ve noticed that my server turns off at some point, preventing the React app from making http requests to it. Do you know how I can set it up so that the server is always listening? Thanks for your help!

What do you mean by server turns off? Netlify doesn’t run a Node.js server, so not sure how you’ve set things up.

You might want to look into Netlify Functions.