Keep getting 404

Hi there,

I’m deploying a react app. All works fine locally and git commits/push. Domain is Netlify and all records updated. I keep getting 404’s when trying the (custom domain) as well as the Netlify one: gorgeous-brioche-d0ce1f

Please help

@agaziel2 Have you performed your build (not your ‘develop’) locally and checked what it outputs?

Or downloaded the files from your deployment?

It’s likely you may not have deployed what you think you’ve deployed, and that your index.html is missing.


Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your guidance. I have changed quite a lot in the code, will revert when/if I can’t use Netlify after the changes. The build works fine locally.


Hi @agaziel2,

Thanks for reaching out!

Looks like you’re deploying a React app? Have you seen this post? It has a solution that may work for you for when you get a Page Not Found when using React.

Thanks. Have added the redirect and pointed to the public folder in build settings, still nothing…


@agaziel2 It’s likely your configuration just isn’t correct.

Can you supply access to the repository?

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Hi, @agaziel2. These two support guides would be good places to start:


If there are questions after reading those, please let us know.

Yes, I can. How do I find you on GitHub?


@agaziel2 Most people just post public access to the repository on the forum.