Deploy single spa application

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy single spa application but it says “Page not found”

I executed npm run build command on the app and it created a “dist” folder which i have uploaded on netlify to deploy the app.

It is just frontend app, without any database or backend connection.

Is there any other thing which needs to be done to deploy the app ?

Hi there, @Aniket_Harshe :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! Good question. Do you have an index.html? We often find that this is the cause of this error.

I suggest reading this support guide as well as some of the follow up comments to see if it gets you on the right track!

Let us know!


I have added index.html file in my folder and also added _redirect but now i am getting blank page

Am i missing something?

Hi @Aniket_Harshe,

Your publish directory should probably be build, but you’re publishing public.

I have published the build folder which was created, it didn’t have index.html so i copied it from public folder and added to build folder

That’s the problem right then. You need to generate an index.html during build. If you check the source code of the HTML file you’ve currently published, you’d get your answer of why it’s blank.

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